Hunting Locations

The Peabody

This property is owned by Ducks Everywhere and has both a comfortable blind for hunting the moist-soil unit and green timber hunting along the old Cache River just 2 miles north of the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge and 3 miles west of the renowned Bayou DeView WMA.  Year after year, this the most consistent and reliable place we’ve ever been familiar with.

Someone should write a song!

The Fields

Ducks Everywhere always has top-notch rice fields with large pit blinds for our members and guests.  Having grown up in northeast Arkansas, our familiarity with the region enables us to select and obtain some of the top rice fields in northeast Arkansas. We constantly strive to obtain and maintain the best duck hunting leases available as crop rotations and other factors vary from one year to the next.  We make it a point to have our fields spread across the region in an effort to maximize our opportunities to hunt where the ducks are concentrated most.

Black River Bottoms

This huge property lies in the Black River bottoms about 10 miles south of the Rainey Brake/Shirey Bay WMA and is among the best spots in the country (and Brent’s favorite) when the Black River tops flood stage.  Depending on the river stage and the location hunted, this property can be hunted either by standing next to a tree or out of a boat.