Hunting Locations

The Fields

Ducks Everywhere always has at least three top-notch rice fields with large pit blinds for our members and guests.  Our familiarity with the particular fields we select allows us to obtain some of the top rice fields in northeast Arkansas. We constantly strive to obtain and maintain the best duck hunting leases available as crop rotations and other factors vary from one year to the next.

The Bandy Farm

This large stretch of timber that has several holes surrounded by hardwoods, cypress, and tupelo trees, depending on the specific area we hunt, and it even has field edge that is for a few good hunts with the water gets high.  Access to some parts of this area can be an adventure in itself.  Some of our most memorable hunts ever have been in these woods, but frequent scouting back into the woods is the key to discovering when the ducks begin using this area in good numbers.

The Peabody

A real show piece of a blind, this 16’x22’ naturally and well camouflaged floating blind has a covered boat slip, covered shooting decks on three sides, dog platforms, and a heated room with windows, electricity, stove, microwave, coffee-maker, sink, dining table, cots, and even a real working toilet! You’ve got to see it to believe it! The best part of this blind, however, is the duck hunting. The blind sits in a small field managed for ducks and surrounded by timber. To the West a few hundred yards is the old cache river, where we do some “in your face” green timber hunting where the ducks fall straight down, diving amongst the oaks and cypress. Just to the west of the old river is the new Cache River, which forms the west property line of this land we own. This land sits just 2 miles north of the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge and 3 miles west of the renowned Bayou DeView WMA.

The Big Hole at Swan Pond

This is the old slough that Brent and Richie have called their favorite as long as they’ve been hunting. This hole can be walked to if you’re not afraid of a little water about three inches from the top of your waters, but there’s a boat there for hauling gear and the weak of heart! The blind comfortable seats 6 guys, or you can hunt standing in the buck brush, green timber style.

The Little Hole at Swan Pond

The Little Hole: Swan pond is a huge area. On the west end of it, we have what we call the Little Hole. This is about a close as you can come to Green Timber hunting and not call it Green Timber Hunting (as some do)! You are surrounded by trees here and the ducks come in just like they do in the holes in the timber. The field edges that border the willows around the holes also provide exciting action when the water’s up in late season.

The Timber Hole

This is Brent and Richie’s favorite place is to kill ducks. It usually doesn’t produce as many ducks as fast as the Peabody blind does a few hundred yards away, but we still prefer our ducks “in the woods”, even if we do have to hunt a little longer to get them all.

The Tims Farm

This remote large, green timber area can generally be counted on for a good hunt on its large open water holes, and it can be downright awesome when it seems every duck in the county decides to hit the green timber holes. Large groups of undisturbed ducks falling in on the Tims Farm are not uncommon, particularly during the late season. If there is anything negative to be said about the Tims farm, it might be that it is so large that ducks can simply move to another part of it that we’re not hunting and stack up to provide some difficult competition from mother nature. We think that’s a good problem to have.

The Other Spots

Ducks Everywhere is not limited to the above spots. In addition, we have countless other places available to hunt. If ducks get to stacking up on any of our farmers other thousands of acres, we’re just a phone call away from breaking out the portable blinds or finding natural cover to get where the ducks want to be. Every year we find ourselves throwing together a natural blind on a hole somewhere that the ducks start hitting hard only a day or two before, and every year we find that some of our most memorable hunts are on these little hot-spots. It’s growing up in this area and knowing most of the land owners that gives us this advantage to be able to go where the ducks are!