The concept behind Ducks Everywhere is simple: Instead of spending thousands of dollars to hunt one blind all year and stay in a motel, everyone pools their resources for a lodge, a shop, and a variety of different hunting locations that include timber, sloughs, and fields. This provides the obvious advantage of being able to hunt where the ducks are on any given day, all for considerably less than the cost of leasing a blind in one field on a traditional lease.

Limited Number of Members

The number of members is limited to 14 so that every member could show up on the same day with a guest and have a choice of several places to hunt. While this formula allows for a maximum number of hunters on any given day, its practical application allows us to manage all of our locations for a minimum amount of pressure since we rarely have more than a small number of members hunting on even the busiest of days. Generally speaking, our holes are hunted no more than twice a week – and usually much less. In addition to our regular locations with blinds, we also have many more locations that we hunt using portable blinds or natural cover. (Those spots aren’t even considered when determining our how many memberships we can have.)


Ducks Everywhere built a new 26 bed lodge in 2007 on 40 wooded acres just 10 minutes from Jonesboro on Crowleys Ridge. The lodge has sleeping quarters for club members and guests, a 40 x 40 attached heated shop, and is complete with game mounts, a pool table, satellite TV, large dining area, 2 full baths, loft, mud room, shooting range, kennels, and other amenities.


Each member gets twenty guest passes. A member must use two of his passes each time his guest hunts a club property, and one pass each night his guest stays at the lodge. You may bring a guest anytime you hunt other than on the opening weekend which is reserved for members only; and you may use as many of your remaining passes on the same day as there are members that do not have guests (e.g., If you want to bring four guests one day, you may do so provided that at least 3 members are not bringing guests that day). Most members seldom use their guest passes, but those members who want maximize the number of times they can bring a guest are able to do so by occasionally hunting with their guest on one of the nearby management areas.

Blind Selection

The question most asked is how we determine who hunts where each day. The answer is simply that we decide it the same way we expect all friends do: We just talk about it the evening before and work it out. Some general guidelines we consider are that the members that put in the time and fuel to find the birds deserve the right to hunt them; members with guests generally choose their location last; and we try to save a hot field near the end of the week so the guys that may not get to hunt as often that are coming in on the weekend can hunt it with us. These general, flexible guidelines are a starting point in deciding who will hunt where, but exceptions may be made when needed.


As a member, you become “one of the guys”. We guarantee you and your guest a place to hunt and room at the lodge. You are not buying 60 days of “guided hunts” and maid service. Members are expected to participate in three work days before or after season (but may buy-out each of those days if participation isn’t possible). Throughout the course of the season, every member is expected to help others prepare for the hunts and care for the lodge and equipment.


Members are generally welcome to use any equipment available that is not being used by its owner. By the same token, members are requested to make available any equipment they have to other members for use when it is not needed by the owner. All members are encouraged to provide decoys for club use throughout the season.

The Details

Membership invitations are extended to those hunters with whom we believe we’d most enjoy hunting with day in and day out. The annual membership fee is non-refundable and due in advance. Membership does not give with it any ownership interest in Ducks Everywhere. It just gives you permission to hunt with us for the season. With that goes the privilege and responsibility to act responsibly and treat all that is ours as if it were your own. In the event you do not do so, your membership will be revoked and a pro-rated refund may be given at our discretion for the remainder of the duck season. All members, guests, and guided hunters that hunt or stay with Ducks Everywhere, its members, Brent Bryant or Richie Foster expressly agree to hold harmless the aforementioned parties from any liability for any accidents, damage, or harm to any property or person.


Annual dues are $4,100 for members joining in 2017.


Applications for new members are reviewed each Spring after returning members have had an opportunity to secure their memberships for the upcoming season. If you are interested in joining Ducks Everywhere, please complete the online application. Once we identify any memberships available for the upcoming season, we will review all applications and provide more detailed information before interviews are conducted for final membership approval.